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This site also provides information about Experience-Based Language Acquisition (EBLA), the software system that I developed as part of my dissertation research at the LSU Department of Computer Science.

Brian E. Pangburn
May 27, 2003

2nd Language and Technology Conference

The 2nd Language and Technology Conference: Human Language Technologies as a Challenge for Computer Science and Linguistics will be held from April 21-23, 2005, in Pozna, Poland.

More info is available here.

GL2005: 3rd International Workshop on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon

GL'2005, The Third International Workshop on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon sponsored by the School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Geneva, Switzerland will be held from May 19-21, 2005.

The aim of the GL workshop is to bring together diverse contributions in philosophy, linguistics, computer science and lexicography to explore the lexicon from the point of view of generativity. The discussions will be centered, but are not limited to, the emerging view of "Generative Lexicon Theory" (Pustejovsky). Topics include:

* Philosophical foundations of a generative approach
* Generative lexicon theory and representation of word meaning
* Analysis of linguistic phenomena
* Framework for lexical semantics
* Philosophical differences between frameworks
* Critical perspectives

More info is available here.

SwingSet 0.9.0-beta Released

New Roads, LA - October 26, 2004 - We have just released version 0.9.0-beta of SwingSet, an open source Java toolkit that allows the standard Java Swing components to be made database aware. This is a major release with an entirely new datasource abstraction layer. Our goal for the 0.9.X series is to focus on bug squashing and possibly some minor feature enhancements. We hope to have a 1.0 production release by the end of 2004. See for a detailed list of features and additional information. A Java Web Start version of the SwingSet demo application is available from

SwingSet 0.8.3-beta Released

New Roads, LA - October 22, 2004 - We have just released version 0.8.3-beta of SwingSet with several bugfixes and usability enhancements for the 0.8.X series. A SSTextArea has been added to extend the JTextArea with a rowset binding. The SSDataGrid has been enhanced with improvements for date rendering, setting of default column widths, and display of new columns. The SSTextField has improved keystroke handling and now selects all text by default upon receiving the focus. Finally the SwingSet SSTextDocument has been modified to support the CHAR datatype.

7-Fold Increase in Domestic Robots by 2007

Wired is running this article predicting a 7-fold increase in domestic robot usage by 2007. It predicts that there will be 4.1 million domestic robots in use by the end of 2007.

Slashdot has discussion here

Second Language Acquisition Alters Brain

This Reuters article on MSNBC discusses changes in brain anatomy due to the acquisition of a second language. The article states that "people who speak two languages have more grey matter in the language region of the brain. The earlier they learned the language, the larger the grey area."

CFP - Natural Language based Knowledge Representations: New Perspectives

There is a special track of the 18th International FLAIRS Conference entitled "Natural Language based Knowledge Representations: New Perspectives." The conference is being held in cooperation with the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and will be held from May 16-18, 2005 at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Clearwater Beach, FL.

The full call for papers is available here.

Want to Live Forever?

This article discusses Ray Kurzweil's recent presentation at MIT's Emerging Technologies Conference discussing three stages/bridges toward "immortality." Basically, the idea is to make it at least another 30+ years to a time when nanobots may be available to do extensive repairs/revisions to the body in order to extend life indefinitely.

While this may sound like sci-fi, Kurzweil is well respected and has made accurate science/technology predictions before.

More information on Kurzweil lastest book, Fantastic Voyage, can be found here.

Generation5 JDK

James Matthews at Generation 5 has released the source code for his Generation5 JDK which is "a simple platform for AI and ALife experimentation and demonstration." More info here.

PostgreSQL 8.0 Beta 3 Released

PostgreSQL 8.0 Beta 3 has been released. More info here.

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