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This site also provides information about Experience-Based Language Acquisition (EBLA), the software system that I developed as part of my dissertation research at the LSU Department of Computer Science.

Brian E. Pangburn
May 27, 2003

Partial Java Port of EDISON

I'm happy to announce that I've just added a partial Java port of the Edge Detection and Image Segmentation (EDISON) system developed by Chris M. Christoudias and Bogdan Georgescu at the Robust Image Understanding Laboratory at Rutgers University to the downloads section of this site.

The port covers the portions of EDISON that perform mean shift based image segmentation.

You can download the Java port here.

Happy Birthday!

Well, this site is now a year old. In that time we've added 86 stories and have had over 30,000 page views.

Researchers Believe Gene Linked to Speech

Articles here, here, and here discuss how researchers believe that mutations in the in the FOXP2 gene about 200,000 years ago may have given humans the physical capacity for speech.

These types of discoveries are fairly significant. Over time, genetic research may finally indicate to what extent language is genetic.

Barbie meets AI

I read about this article a while back on It is from the NY Times and discusses a new doll named Cindy Smart. She comes complete with voice recognition, speech synthesis, and vision systems, and is expected to run about $100.

Yet Another Research Update

Haven't been posting much lately as I'm in the final throws of my dissertation research. The draft will be submitted mid-September and the EBLA project is just about completed. I just need to clean up the docs a bit, update the ReadMe and put together some install instructions. I hope to have both the code and the complete dissertation posted on this site by the end of October.

Letter from Tracey Seiden

Tracey Seiden has asked me to add the following letter to the site:

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone that has contributed to the Steve Seiden Memorial Fund. Since Steve and I always placed a great deal of emphasis on education, this fund will be used for that purpose. I would also like to thank everyone for the condolences, prayers, and words of encouragement. These thoughtful expressions will give me the strength to face the lonely days that lie ahead. My expression of appreciation would not be complete if it didn’t mention Brian Pangburn who established this fund and I’m sure has spent countless hours maintaining it.

Tracey Seiden

Update on Steve Seiden Memorial Fund

I just want to thank all the people who have made donations to the Steven Seiden Memorial Fund for their wonderful generosity.

To date we have raised just under $6400!

A list of those who have donated follows below...

Slashdot Interview with Dr. Richard Wallace

Today Slashdot featured an interview with Dr. Richard Wallace, creator of Alicebot, a well-know chatterbox program.

Wallace answers questions (in detail) submitted by Slashdot readers.

A.L.I.C.E. won the Loebner Prize in 2000 and 2001.

Newsgroups at GreatMindsWorking

I've just added the NewsPortal 1.2 module for PostNuke to this site. Now you can access several relevant newsgroups directly from this site. Click on the NewsPortal link at the left to get started.

KBCS-2002 / ICON-2002

There has been a call for papers for the 2002 International Conference on Knowledge Based Computer Systems (KBCS), which will be held in Mumbai, India from December 18-21, 2002.

This year KBCS will be held in conjunction with the 2002 International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON).

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