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This site also provides information about Experience-Based Language Acquisition (EBLA), the software system that I developed as part of my dissertation research at the LSU Department of Computer Science.

Brian E. Pangburn
May 27, 2003

Edge Detection and Image Segmentation Code

The Robust Image Understanding Laboratory (RIUL) at the Center for Advanced Information Processing at Rutgers University has released a system called EDISON. EDISON stands for Edge Detection and Image SegmentatiON system and is image processing freeware written in C++.

Interview on Cyc Knowledge Base

Generation5 has a link to this interview with Doug Lenat, CEO & founder of Cycorp. Cycorp created the Cyc Knowledge Base, a large database of commonsense knowledge.

Google Offers API

As mentioned a few weeks ago on Slashdot, Google is now offeirng a free API.

Lobal Technologies - Building A Brain? had a link to this story on about Lobal Technologies. They are a startup company in London building a virtual baby called LAD (short for language acquisition device).

How to Build a Computerized Android Robot Head for $600.00

Just read about this site on Slashdot.

For about $600, Patrick M. Rael built a very cool computerized android robot head. Even cooler, he wrote a Java application to control the head.

Well worth reading if you are at all interested in robotics.

.713 PostNuke Patch

Just applied the .713 PostNuke patch to the site. The fixes are all relatively small, but you can find more info here if you are interested.

Linguistics Publications

Recently received a flyer advertising various linguistics publications from Kluwer, an academic publisher. When I visited their web site, I found an entire section devoted to linguistics publications. There is even a subsection that specifically covers language acquisition.

You can sign up for electronic notification of new publications here.

Microsoft Office Apps on Linux

CodeWeavers has a new product based on WINE called CrossOver Office which allows you to install and run Office 97 & 2000 applications on Linux. This is a review from

Computer Vision with Depth Perception

Flu from The Linux Pimp sent me this link to a story about Canesta, a company that has created a new 3-D computer vision system. The system uses infrared light to perform depth perception, contour recognition, and object tracking.

New Book Links

We've had a number of recent submissions with links to good books. I've added them all (with descriptions) to the book links section, but I'll list them here too for convenience:

Abductive Inference: Computation, Philosophy, Technology

Speech and Language Processing: An Introduction to Natural Language Processing (note: we had an article on this book October 3, 2001)

The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction

Machine Learning

Thanks for the links!

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