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This site also provides information about Experience-Based Language Acquisition (EBLA), the software system that I developed as part of my dissertation research at the LSU Department of Computer Science.

Brian E. Pangburn
May 27, 2003

New Addition

Our 3rd son, Archer Gray Pangburn, was born on Monday, July 25, 2005 at 6:47am. He was 7lbs 1.7oz and 19.5" long.

Both mom and baby are at home and all are doing well.

A few pictures follow below...

Mental Processing Unlike Computer Processing

Slashdot has coverage of this Cornell University news article comparing mental processing to computer processing.

From the article, "The theory that the mind works like a computer, in a series of distinct stages, was an important steppingstone in cognitive science, but it has outlived its usefulness, concludes a new Cornell University study. Instead, the mind should be thought of more as working the way biological organisms do: as a dynamic continuum, cascading through shades of grey."

EBLA 0.7.1-alpha Released

After more than a year, I've finally gotten around to releasing a new version of EBLA. This version contains a handful of bug fixes and enhancements. A summary follows below:

ICON-2005: 4th International Conference on Natural Language Processing

The 4th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON) will be held in IIT, Kanpur, India during 18-20 December, 2005. The conference series is intended to act as a forum for promoting interaction among researchers in the field of Natural Language Processing in India and abroad.

More information is available here.

Brain Simulation Project

Both KurzweilAI and Slashdot have links this morning to this New Scientist article entitled " Mission to build a simulated brain begins".

RANLP-05: Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing

The International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP-2005) will be held from September 21-23, 2005 in Borovets, Bulgaria. More information is available here.

Studying Birds to Learn about Speech Production in Humans

This Slashdot article discusses how "A team of neuroscientists at MIT have made tremendous progress in understanding how birds learn to sing: a part of the brain called the basal ganglia is primarily responsible for controlling the learning of movement and the production of speech. This circuitry is also present in humans, and it is the same way that a baby's random babbling eventually becomes the proficient speech of adults."

Using Open Mind Database to Boost Speech Recognition

KurzweilAI has a link to this TRN article about work being done at the MIT Media Lab to boost speech recognition performance using the Open Mind Common Sense Project database.

Learning a Language in the Digital Age

Slashdot has coverage of this article entitled "Learning a Language in the Digital Age" It is a discussion of some techniques & tools available for learning a language, written by someone who has learned "three dead languages in the past six years (Latin, Egyptian, and Akkadian)."

CFP: Journal of Nat. Lang. Engineering-Special Issue on Educational Applications

The Journal of Natural Language Engineering has issued a call for papers for a special issue on Educational Applications. More info here.

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