The Turing Test

Dear Patrons,

Will you consider visiting my website and reading a book I've written- "How to Design a Universal Artificial Intelligence." For over ten years, I have been working on a method of semantic interpretation that applies in any situation. Using this method, I believe that a software program can pass the Turing Test. The book is currently online, in its entirety, and I am requesting your review of this work. This is it; this is real; this is a working counterpart program.

I currently have the entire book online, in html, for anyone to read (and a paperback is available for purchase). I can promise you that this is not an amateurish attempt to make a counterpart machine. This is an approach is based upon a method of semantic interpretation that is fail-safe. In adult form, this machine will recognize and analyze all human actions, all discrete human actions, without fail. This is a program that can break down human conversation into its elemental parts and elemental motives. This is a very different approach than that of others studying human cognition.

I would hope that you understand that I am quite knowledgeable in my profession of construction and that I have inadvertently studied human behavior from a very different perspective. I am not a psychologist, a biologist, a mathematician, or even a programmer. I am a behaviorist. And like other behavioral psychologist I am only analyzing what is tangible, calculable. My research is based upon empirical data.

I thank You for your time, and I hope that you will consider this approach to the Turing problem.

Wil Holland

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