Long Overdue Update on GreatMindsWorking.com

GreatMindsWorking.com was created in 2001 as an AI blog with an emphasis on Human Language AI. Entries were made on a fairly regular basis until about 2006 and then dwindled. The site was upgraded from PostNUKE to Drupal in mid 2009, but I never quite got around to configuring Drupal properly or adding much new content.

I've finally taken the time to do some configuration, clean up the layout, etc. and have started to blog AI news again. I've also created a Twitter account for GreatMindsWorking.com and have added an RSS feed for the tweets on the right. There will likely be some overlap between the blog entries and the tweets, but not a lot.

I also plan to work on dealing with the link rot in the older posts by fixing links, linking through the Wayback Machine, noting them as dead, or even by removing posts completely.

If you have AI news, please create an account and send it along. If you have suggestions, please send me an email.