Museum Tinguely Addresses Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in New Exhibition

The Museum Tinguely in Basel and Kunsthaus Graz are co organising an exhibition that addresses the subjects of “Artificial Intelligence” and “Robotics”. The title Robot Dreams is borrowed from a short story of the same name by Isaac Asimov, a biochemist and extraordinarily prolific writer of science fiction, in which Elvex, a robot, has to be destroyed because he has a dream in which he plans a revolt and starts to disregard the Three Laws that are intended to keep him subservient to humans. The exhibition looks at recent advances in Artificial Intelligence research and, through the medium of artistic projects, seeks to explore the broad topic of Robots and its association with various concepts. The questions here focus in particular on the interaction between man and machine, Embodiment, the feedback from these developments and its influence on human perception and behaviour, and the use of robots in everyday life. What is regarded today as utopian, even a source of disquiet, may tomorrow be part and parcel of household appliances. Communicating with the refrigerator, autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners and adaptive seat memory electronics in cars are already contemporary reality, as are nano-robots for medical use or software that is able to learn from its mistakes and adapt appropriately.

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