Kid and Baby Robots Get Creepy Emotional Faces

The one thing robots, despite ever-increasing powers, tend not do very well is emote--just think of Asimo's blank face and you'll see what I mean. But here come Noby and M3-Kindy to change that ... and seriously creep you out. The two bots were revealed today by creators the JST Erato Asada Project--a research team dedicated to investigating how humans and robots can better relate to each other in the future and so that robots can learn better (though given the early stages of current artificial intelligence science, it's almost a case of working out how humans can feel better about interacting with robots). Team leader Professor Minoru Asada from Osaka University feels that one way robot intelligence can be boosted is to get them to learn in a similar way to the way we do, and these robots are part of this effort.

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